Your Partnership Matters. A Lot.

Why Seventh Generation Institute?

When your company sponsors Seventh Generation Institute, you support the nature that sustains us all. Just as important, your partnership supports a community of other “nature supporters” that the Institute works with and that are committed to sustainable use of natural resources.

We seek business sponsors that share our mission and feel an alignment with the New School approach.

Benefits to Your Business

Your business can partner with the Institute as a whole or opt to support a specific program that most aligns with your business and demographics. It’s your choice. Contact us to explore ideas.

  • When your business partners with Seventh Generation Institute, that partnership clearly communicates your commitment to nature conservation, sustainability, and community responsibility.

  • In certain cases there may be volunteer opportunities or special event opportunities for partners.

Our partners value the Institute because:

  • We make real conservation gains possible.

  • Our projects are grounded in the best available scientific knowledge and methods, as well as strategic collaboration, innovation and constantly seeking impact. In other words, we share many of your values as well.

  • We respect and work with diverse points of view.

  • We can help our partners tell the story of the partnership’s impact.

  • As a smaller organization, we work closely with our partners and listen to your ideas.

Support from real people and businesses provides the financial foundation for Seventh Generation Institute. Yes, we secure public funds and grants, but these funds have become much less plentiful in recent years, and are not a steady source of funds - not a good way to run a steady organization. 

We let people know about your partnership with us:

  • On the Partners page of the Institute’s website – your logo, a link to your business and the sponsorship level you select will be placed on the website.

  • In our Impact Report. All partner names and levels will be listed in upcoming reports.

  • And through other communications. In fact, we look for every possible opportunity to thank our partners – who in fact are partners – since this project couldn’t happen without them.


Let’s talk

If conservation and sustainability are your values, then help us build that vibrant future for nature and people.

Simply send us an email to start a conversation. Or if partnership feels a bit early, we welcome your donation.

Just click on the button below.

support innovative conservation

1% for the Planet

Seventh Generation Institute is a 1% for the Planet participating nonprofit. If your business is a participating member and is seeking more information about Seventh Generation Institute, we welcome your inquiry. Please contact us.

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support innovative conservation

Seventh Generation Institute is a nonprofit conservation organization under IRS code 501(c)3, with EIN 20-5483251.

Institute documents are found below.

State of Idaho Certificate of Registration

IRS Determination Letter

Form 1023

2018 Form 990-N

2017 Form 990-N

2016 Form 990-N

Please note that Seventh Generation Institute has no affiliation with Seventh Generation Corporation, the maker of household cleaning products, diapers, etc.

How is my contribution used? So many ways...

  •  Office and field equipment and supplies and software. In 2019, the Institute is seeking funds to update photo and video editing software and purchase one new computer.

  • Utilities, internet service, website hosting, printing, mailing and shipping costs.

  • Insurance. This is a big one for organizations that do field work. Depending on the year's specific projects, insurance costs can run between $1-5000.

  • Travel expenses. This category covers the cost of all kinds of staff field work to show the film Rethinking Beaver: old nuisance or partner?; 5) deliver workshops on beaver impact management; 6) identify, set up logistics and partners for projects for the Outsider Corps; 7) travel to and from various sites to deliver workshops and develop projects for the Women Making Waves for Nature program.

We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.
— Winston Churchill