Yes, your contribution matters. A lot.

It is people and businesses who believe in conservation that make it happen - people and businesses who find themselves nodding their heads in agreement when they read about the Seventh Generation Institute's "New School" approach.

If conservation and sustainability are your values, then help us build that vibrant future for nature and people. Help conserve and restore the natural resources and healthy ecosystems of the western US and beyond (sometimes very far beyond) through a contribution to Seventh Generation Institute. Natural resources and healthy ecosystems are the keys to maintaining "resource-full" communities, now and for future generations.

Support from real people and businesses provides the financial foundation for Seventh Generation Institute. Yes, we secure public funds and grants, but these funds have become much less plentiful in recent years, and are not a steady source of funds - not a good way to run a steady organization. 


How to make a contribution

By check

Please make your check payable to Seventh Generation Institute and mail to:

Seventh Generation Institute 1000 Cordova Place #75 Santa Fe NM 87594

or Seventh Generation Institute PO Box 7126 Ketchum ID 83340.

Either one will reach us. Thank you!

By Credit Card

Credit card donations are managed through Stripe (, a secure online credit card processor. 

Just click on the button below.

support innovative conservation
I like this approach... the concepts of impact, collaboration and applied science make sense to me. I feel like conservation has been fighting the same fights for too long, so bring on the innovation.

Charlotte McCloud

Support innovative conservation

Seventh Generation Institute is a nonprofit conservation organization under IRS code 501(c)3, with EIN 20-5483251.

All contributions are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law and will receive a thank you letter that serves to document your charitable contribution.

Institute documents are found below.

State of Idaho Certificate of Registration

IRS Determination Letter

Form 1023

2018 Form 990-N

2017 Form 990-N

2016 Form 990-N

Please note that Seventh Generation Institute has no affiliation with Seventh Generation Corporation, the maker of household cleaning products, diapers, etc.

How is my contribution used? So many ways...

  •  Office and field equipment and supplies and software. Currently seeking to update photo and video editing software and purchase one new computer.

  • Utilities, internet service, website hosting, printing, mailing and shipping costs.

  • Insurance. This is a big one for organizations that do field work. Depending on the year's specific projects, insurance costs can run between $1-5000.

  • Travel expenses. This category covers the cost of staff trips to show the film Rethinking Beaver: old nuisance or partner?"; 5) deliver workshops on beaver impact management; 6) identify, set up logistics and partners for projects for the International Program and for the Outsider Corps; 7) and more.