Women bring many unique and needed skills to conservation

Seventh Generation Institute has started a new program by, for, and about women in conservation. The program is intended to cross-over with and add on to the International Program and other programs.

Institute staff will give a presentation on this new program January 9, 2019.

12-3-18. The Institute is now seeking 1 or 2 interns to participate in this program and also benefit from it. Please see the position description here.

The initial step was to develop a series of workshops that will be offered to both women and men, although the content is focused on improving skills for women in all roles in conservation

We are excited to report that the response to the initial outreach has been strong. Our first workshop is called Women Making Waves for Nature. This workshop was presented twice on Bonaire in November and December of 2018. Representatives from most of the local conservation non-governmental organizations attended and we are very excited to work with these dedicated conservationists.

wave graphic.png

An enormous thank you to the Dutch Caribbean Nature Alliance and the Coral Restoration Foundation, Bonaire which hosted these workshops and provide the spaces. Please visit these organizations and see the great work that they are doing.

Other terrific local conservation organizations on the island of Bonaire and in attendance at the workshops included Sea Turtle Conservation Bonaire, Echo Bonaire, Stinapa and Boneiru Duradero. These organizations are also “making (big) waves for nature” on the island and in the surrounding waters. Together, they are amazing.

Initial Program Goals

Increase the participation of women in conservation at all levels and in all roles, as is appropriate for their particular culture.

Increase the skills and effectiveness of women as they participate in conservation.